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Who is Energy Efficient Lighting, LLC? 


EEL (Energy Efficient Light, LLC) originators started in the energy efficiency field over 20 years ago designing energy efficient lighting projects for Industrial and Municipal clients.  As a result, EEL emerged as a lighting Energy Service Company (ESCO) with a goal to create turnkey efficiently designed projects that made sense for each specific client.  The  goal was to use the latest lighting advances to create a comprehensive lighting solution that efficiently addressed all lighting in a facility not just a partial fix.  To achieve this “no light left behind approach”, we have worked with many manufacturers to help them create lighting solutions that are needed in the “Real World”.  As a result, we now represent many lighting manufacturer producers who look to us to help them create lighting products needed in today’s market place and for the future.  This partnership approach with manufacturers allows us to bring you creatively designed products at a reasonable price.  We offer only top quality products that are ultra-efficient and qualify for all major Utility Energy Conservation Incentive Programs.


EEL specializes in Energy Efficient Lighting:


  • Turnkey installations


  • Lighting Design, specializing in LED Lighting Design (interior/ exterior)

    Retrofit/new lighting design help with commercial/industrial, schools, college campus and hospitals, municipal facilities including exterior lighting


  • Photometric drawings and layouts


  • Specialized lighting situations for unique custom needs

       ( We do what the other guys can’t )


  • Wholesale Lighting Product Distribution


EEL is:

  •   Fully Insured

  •   DUN & Bradstreet Listed

  •   Performance Bond Rated


We fully understand how to apply our products to help you design your projects.  Today, EEL has operations and warehouse locations in CT and SC and many distribution partners throughout the USA.


About us - Why Choose Energy Efficient Lighting?



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