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Bridgeport Board of Education (CT) receives Distinguished Summer Savers Award!

Bridgeport Board of Education accepted a Summer Savers Gold Award from Connecticut's Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. The award was presented by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and recognizes Bridgeport Board of Education's effort and success in achieving a greater than 20 percent reduction in electricity consumption through lighting upgrades completed at two schools.


They also received a Summer Savers Silver Award for energy efficiencies completed at a third school, resulting in a greater than 15 percent reduction in electricity usage. The Bridgeport Board of Education utilized programs available through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, administered by The United Illuminating Company as part of the Energize Connecticut initiatives.


The projects were part of a turn-key initiative created with Energy Efficient Lighting LLC, the partnering company responsible for executing the installation.

Energy Efficient Lighting LLC Helps Eastern Bag & Paper Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint

         (as posted on Environmental Leaders website


The Eastern Bag & Paper Group has achieved an estimated annual energy savings of 169,375 kWh, or approximately $27,100 after one year into a three-year commitment to a sustainability program that is aimed at cutting energy expenses, reports Milford-Orange Bulletin. The company projects a lifetime energy savings of 1,911,964 kWh, or $305,914.


The supplier of paper, packaging, food service disposables and janitorial products partnered with The United Illuminating Company (UI) and to develop an energy management and sustainability plan and goals under UI’s Business Sustainability Challenge program.


Through the program, Eastern Bag & Paper learned how to use energy more efficiently and was provided with assessment resources, measurement and tracking tools, technical assistance, product reviews, reviews of proposals submitted by contractors or vendors, cash incentives and training to help the company meet its sustainability goals, according to the article.


Working with Energy Efficient Lighting LLC (EEL), UI and with the Energy Efficiency Fund, Eastern Bag & Paper implemented numerous energy-saving measures, and is currently reviewing operations at all levels to reduce carbon from all of its processes. The company also received an incentive of $31,434 from the Energy Efficiency Fund for its commitment to energy efficiency.

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